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The goal of the present project is to built a catalogue gathering references to all spatially resolved studies, for galaxies of all types, whatever the gas or stellar content is concerned.

The catalogue has been assembled from merging the lists of Corradi and Capaccioli (1990) and Prugniel and Simien (1996). A bibliographical list distributed on the WEB by Demin et al. (1997) has also been used, and we scanned the literature to add new references. The catalogue of rotation curves, by Baiesi-Pillastrini G.C., Palumbo G.G.C. and Vettolani G. , was already included in the latter list.

In total, the published catalogue contains 4165 observations of 2070 galaxies referring to 743 published papers. The largest source is Mathewson et al. (1992) (Halpha velocity profiles of 970 galaxies) representing about 25% of the whole catalogue. The catalogue is updated on a regular basis and counts in 2002/01 about 8000 observations referring to 1200 articles.

We recommend the reading of a recent review paper: "Rotation curves of spiral galaxies", 2001 ARA 39, 137 (Sofue and Rubin)

Description of the catalogue

The catalogue consists in three files: This catalogue is published by: Prugniel Ph., Zasov A., Busarello G., Simien F.
The tables may be found at the CDS.

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