leda Catalogue of kinematical profiles

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We are collecting kinematical profiles of galaxies published in the litterature.

The present version contains velocity and velocity dispersion profiles for about 1200 galaxies. This represents only about 20% of the amount of data available in the literature. We will continue to enter new data.

Dear Colleague,

We are gathering all spatially resolved kinematical data for galaxies(irrespective of the morphological type) in the framework of the development of the HyperLeda database:
The catalogue consists in two parts: the bibliography is already available and is described in Prugniel et al. 1998 (A&AS 127, 117).

We are now starting to collect all the data (rotation curves and velocity dispersion profiles) in order to make them available from Hypercat (as tables as well as in the form of plots). To this aim we are asking the authors to provide us with their data.

We ask you if you could kindly e-mail the data in your possession to: gianni@na.astro.it, together with a reference to the paper where the data are described.

We are aware that to do this could cause some extra work, nevertheless we hope that the Colleagues will feel motivated enough in making their data readily available to the community from the data-base.

HyperLeda Questions: leda@univ-lyon1.fr