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Structure of the archive

1. The structure of the archive follows the concepts developped for the other catalogues in HyperLeda.
  1. The library is divided into different archive corresponding to the different datasets. Each of these archives are maintained on a disk attached to a machine connected to internet. They are stored as tar files.
  2. The updating procedure of HyperLeda check every day the date of these files, and upload those recently modified. The frames are then checked for its conformity and re-packed into a archives available for distribution to the mirrors
  3. The mirror asynchroneously update themselves to this source
Given the size of the Library (several Go), it is yet not clear if it will be possible to mirror it on every site.

2. At present, the disk storage requested to start with this project (we will archive 1000 files of 1Mo) is:

3. The files are stored in the gzipped FITS format. The filenames are chosen to be unique.
The archive will be divided in subdirectories in order to avoid problems with some unix commands which have a limitation in the size of the argument or number of files.

The file naming convention has the form: LYYMMOBSj/nnnn The following is some example how the archive tree could look like:
    archive_root -- 95071ESO1/ 
Each directory in this tree must contains a AAAReadMe.txt file. These file are writen in free format and are not (yet) indended for any automatic processing... but it is advised to follow as far as possible a template taken for already existing files, in order to define a standard which could be, in the future, used by automatic procedures.

HyperLeda Questions: leda@univ-lyon1.fr