leda Compilation of Surface Brightness

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Field: mu

The surface brightness in magnitudes per square arcsec (mag arcsec-2)

Field: code_mu

Code for the type of surface brightness

Central or peak surface brightness
Surface brightness at effective radius
Effective mean surface brightness within the effective radius (equivalent radius in which half the total flux is emitted).
Central surface brightness for exponential fit

Field: quality

Quality Flag The quality flag has the following meaning:

description of quality flag
0regular measurement
1uncertain measurement, its weight is decreased by a factor 2 when computing the average value
3preliminary measurement, probably superseeded in a more recent publication, it is ignored unless no other measurement is available
4compilation, it is ignored unless no other measurement is available
9rejected measurement

Field: bandname

Photometric Band. The definitions are given in the "band_codes" table:

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