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This catalogue (table a112 in the database) presents the compilation of apparent colors of galaxies. They are collected from the litterature and from surveys and are not corrected for Galactic extinction or for any other effect.

See the article on colors of galaxies from the NED knowledge database (Level 5).

In March 2006, the table counted 307000 measurements for 10000 galaxies.

Description of the fields

Field: colind

Field: colind

Color Index (difference of two magnitudes defined with two different photometric bands)
It can be given with its uncertainty and quality code

Field: band1

Photometric band of the first magnitude. The definitions are given in the band_codes table.

Field: band2

Photometric band of the second magnitude. The definitions are the same as for band1.

Field: code_col

Code for the type of color as given in the color_codes table:

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