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Extract mean data for a list of objects

Give the name of your file of object names :

The ASCII file, created on your computer, must contain one designation per line (a designation can specify the nearest object to a given celestial position, which allow an easy positional cross-identification, see doc). See an example of query list

Select output parameters below and then "submit" above

pgc internal number
objname principal designation
hl_names(pgc) list of all names
objtype type of object
al1950 RA 1950 (hours decimal value)
de1950 DEC 1950 (degrees decimal value)
celposb(pgc) B1950 position (character string)
al2000 RA 2000 (hours decimal value)
de2000 DEC 2000 (degrees decimal value)
celposj(pgc) J2000 position (character string)
l2 galactic longitude (degrees)
b2 galactic latitude (degrees)
sgl supergalactic longitude (degrees)
sgb supergalactic latitude (degrees)
f_astrom Precision flag on the celestial position
type morphological type
bar bar (B or blank)
ring ring (R or blank)
multiple multiple (M or blank)
compactness Compactness (C=Compact or D=Diffuse or blank )
t morphological type code
e_t actual error on t
logd25 log10 of apparent diameter (d25 in 0.1')
e_logd25 actual error on logd25
logr25 log10 of axis ratio (major axis/minor axis)
e_logr25 actual error on logr25
pa major axis position angle (North Eastwards) in degrees
brief mean effective surface brightness (mag.arcsec-2)
e_brief actual error on brief
ut total U-band magnitude
e_ut actual error on ut
bt total B-band magnitude
e_bt actual error on bt
vt total V-band magnitude
e_vt actual error on vt
it total I-magnitude
e_it actual error on it
kt total K-band magnitude
e_kt actual error on kt
ube effective U-B color
bve effective B-V color
vmaxg Apparent maximum rotation velocity of gas
e_vmaxg actual error on vmaxg
vmaxs Apparent maximum rotation velocity of stars
e_vmaxs actual error on vmaxs
vdis Central velocity dispersion (in km/s)
e_vdis actual error on vdis
mg2 Central Mg2 Lick index (in mag)
e_mg2 actual error on mg2
m21 21-cm line flux in magnitude (see definition in text)
e_m21 actual error on m21
mfir far infrared magnitude (see definition in text)
vrad heliocentric radial velocity from radio measurement (in km/s)
e_vrad actual error on vrad
vopt heliocentric radial velocity from optical measurement (in km/s)
e_vopt actual error on vopt
v mean heliocentric radial velocity (in km/s)
e_v actual error on v
ag Galactic extinction in B magnitude
ai extinction due to inclination in B magnitude (see text)
incl inclination between line of sight and polar axis (in degrees)
a21 21-cm self absorption in magnitude
logdc log10 of apparent corrected diameter (dc in 0.1')
btc total apparent corrected B-magnitude
ubtc total apparent corrected U-B color
bvtc total apparent corrected B-V color
bri25 mean surface brightness within isophote 25 (mag.arcsec-2)
vrot maximum velocity rotation (in km/s)
e_vrot actual error on vrot
m21c corrected 21-cm line flux in magnitude (see text)
hic 21-cm index bt-m21c in magnitude
vlg radial velocity with respect to the Local Group (km/s)
vgsr radial velocity with respect to the GSR (km/s)
vvir radial velocity corrected for Virgocentric infall (km/s)
v3k radial velocity with respect to the CMB radiation (km/s)
modz redshift distance modulus
e_modz actual error on modz
mod0 true distance modulus (from parameters)
e_mod0 actual error on mod0
modbest true distance modulus, combining mod0 and modz
e_modbest actual error on modbest
mabs absolute B-magnitude
e_mabs actual error on mabs

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