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HyperLeda routinely compiles measurements of central velocity dispersions. The first version, published as an Appendix to a paper by Prugniel and Simien (1996), is regularly updated since this epoch. In December 2007, it contained 12858 velocity dispersions for 7601 objects and from 418 references (four times more than the initial version). In 2013 it contained 25400 measurements for 17000 objects from 489 references.
The first version (1995) is available from the CDS, and can be searched with VizieR.
The compilation includes galaxies, star clusters (Galactic and extra-galactic), and galaxy clusters. For galaxies, most of the measurements are from slit or fiber spectroscopy, the rest being from IFU spectroscopy or from velocity determinations of individual stars (for nearby galaxies, essentially dwarf spheroidals).

Statistics of the compilation of velocity dispersion

The first ten sources of velocity dispersion

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The individual measurements for a given galaxy are combined together to produce an estimate of the mean velocity dispersion within an aperture of 0.595 kpc.
This homogenization proceeds in three steps:
  1. An aperture corrections following the prescriptions of Jorgensen et al. (1995) is computed and applied, using the distance estimated from the flow smoothed velocity, as computed in Prugniel et al. (1999).
  2. The individual measurements and their quoted precision are rescaled to correct for systematics between different datasets. The coefficients for these corrections are determined from a general inter-comparisons between all the datasets.
  3. The corrected measurements are combined, using a weighted average.
The mean homogenized dispersion is presented together with the original values in the catalogue page, and it is included in the Leda catalogue. It is used to derive the distance through the Faber-Jackson and Fundamental Plane relations.

Dataset parameters table

The dataset parameters table contains the information needed to compute the homegenized mean velocity dispersion within an aperture of 0.595 kpc. The fields in this table are: datasys,mcor,scale,e_scale,resol,disp,slit_width,slit_length


Data system (internal code)


Aperture correction (0: Uncorrected)


Data scaling factor


Error scaling factor (rescaled error = raw_error * scaling factor)


Intrumental resolution km/sec (FWHM), in km/s

Spectral dispersion (when the resolution is not stated), in Angstrom/mm

slit_width (s_x)

Width of the aperture extraction, in arcsec

slit_length (s_y)

Height of the aperture extraction, in arcsec
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