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The catalogue of aperture photometry of galaxies in U B V R and I

The present catalogue continues the compilations published by G. Longo & A. de Vaucouleurs (1983, 1988 Monographs of University of Austin). The first version (1983) may be obtained from CDS.

We have updated this catalogue by scanning the literature and extended it by adding aperture photometry derived from published surface photometry. We also included our own unpublished measurements.

The catalogue and derived magnitudes and colours are presented in Prugniel and Héraudeau 1998, A&AS 128, 299

The catalogue contains 34675 aperture measurements from diaphragm photometry and 72336 derived from surface photometry or image analysis on a total of 7567 galaxies.

The catalogue can be searched through HyperLeda (search by name or coordinates, download...), and is also available from CDS.

Statistics of the compilation of aperture photometry


In the course of producing the global photometric parameters from growth curve fitting (see the corresponding catalogue in HyperLeda), we determined and applied corrections to the observed aperture photometry, to take into account systematic effects, and we determined external errors, in order to weight properly the data. The dataset parameters table, lists the corrections and weights that we determined (see the paper for more details). The fields are:
crb crv crr cri cru
Corrections, in mag, to apply to the measured aperture magnitudes in respectively the B V R I and U bands. Corrected mag = measure - correction.
Global weight
Zero-point weight
Number of galaxies in this dataset
Density sampling

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