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The goal of the HyperLeda FITS archive project (HFA) is to gather data (in the FITS format) and to document them in a manner that allow an automatic pipeline processing. On-line pipeline procedures are offered to process these data

The data presented in HFA are self-documented thanks to a consistent set of keywords. These data may be downloaded as they are stored, or they may be used to feed a customizable pipeline. The data finally delivered can hence be fully calibrated (if desired), some further reduction procedures (as subtracting the sky, extracting an object ...) may also be applied. Basic measurements (kinematical profiles, line strengths) may be performed along the pipeline.

The HFA has been open in January 1999. In June it contained about 35000 files.

The archived data are broad band images (BBI), long-slit spectra (LSS) and extracted spectra (SPE) plus their associated template and calibration files.

The team involved in the project gathers:

Details about the present status of the project may be found in development.html

Data contained in the archive

The archive presently contains both images and spectra. The data are stored as they are provided to HyperLeda, they can be raw data or data at any stage of the reduction (if the data are not fully reduced, the necessary calibration files are provided). The keywords inserted in the FITS headers allow an automatic pipeline processing.

Different subsets of the archive may be divided as:


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