Description of the various fields in the catalogue

Field: design

Designation in a standardized spelling. The colon behing a galaxy designation means that this name is given to 2 (or more) objects. It may happen in particular for members of a pair or of a group of galaxies. The pair keeps the name given in the catalogue and the 2 objects members of the pair have the same name + the colon.

Field: flag

Not fully reliable name. In the past this name was given to another object of the database (wrong identification), and was corrected to its current affectation. There is a risk that some references in the literature use the ancient wrong identification. This name should be avoided.
Unreliable name. This name is associated with a different objects in different papers, and in particular between NED and HyperLeda. It should not be used.
Degenerated name. This name is given to more than one object (like maybe the members of a pair of galaxies). It should not be used.

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