Description of the various fields in the compilation

Field: Type

Extended RC3 Morphological type (modified de Vaucouleur's scale)

Field: bar

Indicate the presence/absence of a bar.

0 no bar is mentioned
1 intermediate bar
2 bar

Field: ring

Indicate the presence/absence of a ring.

0 no ring is mentioned
1 ring

Field: bri

1 compact galaxy
2 very compact galaxy
3 extremely compact galaxy
4 diffuse galaxy
5 very diffuse galaxy
6 extremely diffuse galaxy

Field: inter

1 Interaction mentioned
2 Strong interaction in the center of a cluster (cD galaxy)

Field: mult


1 multiplicity mentioned
2 double
3 triple
4 quadruple
5 multiple
9 superimposed star mentioned

Field: quality

Quality Flag
0 accurate detailed classification
1 detailed classification of lower accuracy
2 derived from photometric profile
3 large uncertainty
9 measurement to be rejected

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