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This catalogue (table a107 in the database) presents the compilation of apparent fluxes (magnitudes) of galaxies. They are collected from the litterature and from surveys and are not corrected for Galactic extinction or for any other effect.

The bandpass of each photometric point is identified with an internal code or acronym that points to a description in the Filter Profile Service of the Spanish virtual Observatory (SVO-FPS), for filters registered in this resource. This link allows one to retrieve detailed information about the spectral location and flux calibration of any filter.
Before the development of SVO-FPS we were using the Asiago Database on Photometric Systems or the General Catalogue of Photometric Data , and for filters not registered in SVO-FPS, we record information taken from various sources cited in the band_codes table.

Some other resources:
Review article Standard Photometric Systems (Bessell 2005)
Magnitude System and Color Conversion Formulas (Seiichi Yoshida)
Conversions between Johnson and AB magnitudes: Frei and Gunn 1995
Conversions between Vega and AB magnitudes: Blanton et al., Astronomical Journal 127, 2562-2578 (2005), eqs.(5))

Statistics of the compilation of photometry

The first ten sources of photometry