Description of the fields

Below is a description of the fields of the table that can be accessed through the interfaces.

Field: vel

Heliocentric radial velocity (CZ) in km/s with its uncertainty and quality flag in parentheses (in html displays). The quality flag has the following meaning: <:tr>
description of quality flag
0regular measurement
1uncertain measurement, its weight is decreased by a factor 2 when computing the average value
3preliminary measurement, probably superseeded in a more recent publication, it is ignored unless no other measurement is available
4compilation, it is ignored unless no other measurement is available
9rejected measurement

Field: method

Method of Measurement

code definition
0 unspecified method
1 optical measurement
2 radio measurement
3 optical measurement from a particular region (knot. region HII)
4 radio CO
5 radio OH
6 average of measurements of members
7 RVSAO (cross correlation)
8 EMSAO (emission lines)

Field: res

Resolution in km/s when the velocity comes from radio measurement

Field: line

Line Code: code of the spectral line used for making a measurement

code definition
emission line (like 21-cm line or H_alpha line)
absorption line

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