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The physical nature of objects is collected from the literature and from the surveys loaded in HyperLeda.

Although HyperLeda is intended to be a database of extragalactic objects, it is not possible to restrict it to galaxies alone. Often, the physical nature of an object is not known at the time of discovery, and it formally only appears as an extended source, while its extragalactic nature is merely a presumption. Other observations may confirm or change the earlier classification. Because the data are never excluded from the database, HyperLeda contains virtually all kinds of celestial objects. The homogenization process combines the different classifications for each object, automatically chooses the most precise or assigns an undetermined nature in case of inconsistency. These cases are marked for human control to possibly solve the inconsistency.

There are a number of reasons why HyperLeda stores stars.

Statistics of the compilation of nature of objects

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