Documentation: LEDA: parameter: vvir

Radial velocity (cz) with respect to the Virgo cluster: vvir

The velocity corrected for infall of the Local Group towards Virgo is noted vvir. It is calculated as: Where vlg is the velocity relative to the Local Group, 208 km/s is the infall velocity of the Local Group according to Theureau et al. 1998 and Terry et al. 2002 and where theta is the angular distance between the observed direction and the direction of the center of the Virgo cluster (SG 104 -2).
In older versions, LEDA used the value of the infall velocity to Virgo 170 km/s, from Sandage & Tammann (1990).

Other velocities in the database are: vrad, vopt, v, vgsr, vlg, v3k.